My First Page

Hi, I’m Jim Lorch. I’m a REALTOR® with Team Coldwell Banker Professionals in Lapeer, MI. I’ve lived in Lapeer since 2003 and am intimately acquainted with the surrounding areas. As a pastor of 30 years, I always make it a point to connect with people as a part of my experience of every place I visit. You never know a place until you’ve met its people. That’s the real difference between a town and a community.

The character of a people is visible by all that they do and can be witnessed by all of us as we see familiar faces around town. We go about our lives unconsciously depending on each other for the opportunities we need to achieve our goals each day. My contribution to this community has been as both a pastor and as a real estate agent. As a result, I’m acquainted with every individual, mind, body, and soul.

Whether we met in public, at church, or in my office, I’ve helped many of them buy and sell their homes. I also work with investors and have been both privy to and instrumental in many real estate deals that solved a problem for the seller and created an opportunity for other members of the community. It’s a win-win because a new home for another member of the community is creating financial security for the investor. This ultimately strengthens and protects their greatest investment- family.